Monday, October 13, 2008

From an audience member in Switzerland

After the premiere in Zurich, I met Countess Leila Ganji. Her stories of interacting with the Aga Khan's captivated the imagination of over a dozen people who circled around us as she shared her photos and experiences.

Below is an email from her friend.

Oct 12, 2008

Dear Shamir,

Today the Countess Leila Gangji and I were fortunate enough to have met you after seeing your most moving and inspiring film.

Leila showed you some photographs - and here they are.

This is:Prince Karim, with an Ismaili from South Africa and Countess Leila Gangji in East Africa 1954

This is the late Aga Khan (Golden Jubilee) and Countess Leila Gangji's husband - (who was the personal advisor to the Aga Khan) - Count Abdulla Hasham Gangji

Please let me know when you will show your film in Geneva as Leila Gangji and I would like to come and see it again. Leila used to live in Geneva, and so knows the whole Ismaili community there.

Best wishes

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Anonymous said...

Dear Shamir,

Re: Photograghs from Switzerland.

I would like to comment that the Ismaili from South Africa is Count Gulam Keshavjee.

The second picture is of Count Abdulla Hasham Gangji presenting Nazrana to Hazrat Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah in Cairo on February 20,1955 during token Platinum Jubilee Jubilee ceremony.(It was Platinum Jubilee and not Diamond Jubilee as mentioned.)