Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aga Khan Film Premieres in West Africa!!!

Until two weeks ago, I never imagined a premiere of the Aga Khan Film in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. Last night, Oct 17th, it happened in Kinshasa with much success in front of hundreds of people. And there is another BIG screening tonight.


Anonymous said...

I am proud to be a Ismaili.

I am anxious to watch this film on big Screen.

Best of luck to teh organiser and production team

Best wishes

Nilofer Lalani

Shaq said...

Hi, I was part of the organizing team along with my wife. If it wasn't for my wife's idea to send you an email and see if you would be willing to come and present this film to our melting pot of communities here in Kinshasa, DRC, we would have not meet you. The both of us had no idea that we would end up having the pleasure of meeting you in person. Being able to present this film to the non Ismaili communities and then also the Ismaili community was a great honor for me and my wife. A lot of the comments were good and thoughtful. All in all it gave the people in Kinshasa a good reason to come together and to ask questions about who we are as Ismailis, where we came from and what are we doing as a community not just here in Kinshasa, but all over the world.

Thanks Shamir, for sharing your dream with us.
Shafique & Neemat Nanji

Shamir Allibhai said...

Thank you Shaq and Neemat and the rest of the organizing team! Picts to come soon.

Nilofer - where do you live?

Wahed said...

Hi all,

I would like to know if this site ( which links to this blog is legit as far as the film is concerned. I am trying to purchase this film, i was a little curious.


Shamir Allibhai said...

yes it is


Anonymous said...


Just wondering as to how big is the ismaili jamat in West Africa? Are there jamat Khanas there?

Nadia Ali