Sunday, September 21, 2008

Khorog - Screenings 4 and 5

L to R: Vadim, Khurshed (the Head of KEP), and me

KEP Students

Tajikistan Screening No. 4: Aug 25
Location: Khorog English Program (Khurshed), Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan

The first screening we did on Aug 25th was a mid-day showing at the Khorog English Program (KEP). KEP is a small program that is preparing students to gain important skills for their future. They have a close relationship with the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London, UK where some students of the KEP program are selected every year to go to the IIS. KEP is very clear that they want those students that go abroad to make sure they come back to Tajikistan, with their new experiences and skills, and put it to use in their home communities.

The students at KEP tended to be more inquisitive. Generally I found the Tajiks did not ask many questions in front of the group during Q+A but at KEP, I got quite a bit. The other thing I pleasantly noticed was that the majority of students here were females.

Tajikistan Screening No. 5: Aug 25
Location: Kalinin School (Gulaken microdistrict), Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan

A friend Rahim Dawood put me in touch with Shavkat and he and Vadim did a great job organizing the Kalinin school screening with its wonderful turnout. (All these Khorog screenings were free by the way).

Vadim, left, translating.

Shavkat seen here on the right.

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