Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Time dif et al, its been tough coordinating screenings in Africa from Boston but I think we are almost there...

We have moved the Africa Launch of the Aga Khan Film from May to June to try and accommodate all the requests we have been getting for screenings elsewhere in East Africa.

We are happy to announce the first few screenings:

Dar es Salaam (semi-private): June 17. FREE.
Dar es Salaam: June 18. FREE:
Kampala: June 20. FREE:
Mombasa: June 21st. FREE:

Yes, all the announced screenings are free!! An unsubtle acknowledgment to all those who are not afraid to help facilitate dialogue so we can speak openly and frankly about what we aspire for our faith, for our community and for our society. A special thanks to the not-for-profit organization Avicenna Tanzania that has been particularly wonderful in this regard.

We hope to see you there. Reserve quick.

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