Sunday, August 10, 2008

Follow-up from the Seattle Screening


An Islamic Conscience — One of Tasveer's best events!

We had a very insightful screening and discussion on Sunday on the documentary An Islamic Conscience. Many thanks to Chaya's Peaceful Families Taskforce and the Ismaili community for taking the lead on this event.

Some quotes from audience members:

“This film captured the respect and love that Ismailis have for their spiritual leader.”

“I really liked the film. I am glad it covered the expulsion of Asians of Uganda. This was an important event in our [Ismaili] history.”

“This film is relevant and important for all Muslims, not just Ismailis... Actually its important for everyone to watch it... it covered 9/11 and the work of Aga Khan in the post-9/11 world, especially in Afghanistan.” - Riz

“The environment was really nice and the event exceeded my expectations. I really liked the ideas that came up during the post-film discussion.” - Heena

“Two Thumbs for the moderator [Natasha Merchant]!” - Hafiz

Tasveer has An Islamic Conscience DVDs for sale. Contact for more info.

Tasveer is a Northwest non-profit dedicated to promoting Independent South Asian cinema.

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