Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shamir Allibhai on 1-hour TV chat show

The Larry King of Tanzania: Hamza Kassongo and his weekly self-titled show. His episode of July 16th, 2008, he sat down with me where we discussed the film journey, most memorable moments, criticism, and more.


Anonymous said...

This interview was very informative and your answers came from your heart. It is never easy to face the camer and be well composed but you did it Shamir. The big question is "Where to after this?"

We are looking forward to your answer in the near future. We will be with you in your "next journey".

Well done Shamir and good luck.

Akber Kassim-Lakha.

Anonymous said...

I was very impressed with your interview. Your answers came from your heart.

Wish you luck in your next project.

Your efforts have been priceless.

Bravo Shamir.

Akber Kassim-Lakha

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Shamir. Very well produced and narrated. It appears that you are on the ball with the subject and your passion really comes up in the interview. Well done!

Unknown said...

"Fight fear with hope or optimism"

Indeed, in today's time & age, a clear, bright, untold humane perspective of the 'Islamic Conscience' is always welcome :)

Insightful, Well-researched, and well overdue.